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Our HomeDavid and I have always enjoyed the outdoors and the beauty of the Sandhills. In the late summer we pick the choicest wild fruits to be used in our products. These berries are found throughout the Sandhills and along the banks of the Snake River.  Due to late frosts, some fruits are not always available.  Our home is located about 35 miles outside the city of Valentine and near the homestead site where David's mother was born.  When looking for new ideas or just wanting to get out and enjoy the beauty of the Sandhills we only have to step out the back door of our home and soak it in.  For more information on the Sandhills or the city of Valentine be sure to see it on the world wide web at www.valentine-ne.com. We encourage you to visit the Sandhills and enjoy its wonderous beauty.

Snake FallsDavid grew up on the Snake Falls Ranch where  the largest waterfall in Nebraska is located. Snake Falls is 23 feet high and 56 feet wide. The river normally flows at 220 cubic feet per second, but during irrigation months the flow is reduced. During this time is when the fruit ripens and not only do we harvest fruit, we take advantage of the reduced river flow and enjoy a swim on a hot afternoon or fish for the elusive brown and rainbow trout.

I was considered a "town girl", growing up in Valentine. However, as a child, I spent considerable time on my Grandparents' farm north of Valentine. I remember fondly those delicious meals and goodies my Grandmother Dunn created from her simple kitchen. Armed with her years of experience over a wood stove, she produced breads and desserts that would rival any "chef" of today. Recipes were not necessary as her creations came from her heart and a jar of fresh country cream.

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